Amatic Gaming Sectors

Amatic Industries is the manufacturer of Amatic slots.
Established in 1993. Amatic is an Austria-based family-owned enterprise. Amatic slots feature a distinctive semi-circular design featuring a display positioned slightly above the players’ heads. Those who have frequented numerous European casinos will undoubtedly have encountered numerous Amatic terminals and games.

Additionally, this page features a plethora of Amatic Gaming Industries’ online slot games that are available for free play on our site prior to deciding whether or not to wager real money on them.

Finally, we discuss some of the most popular slot games by Amatic, including comprehensive information on bonuses, features, paylines, symbols, and more.

Topical History

Amatic has been a market champion for over two decades in the development of casino and AWP (Amusement with Prize) games specifically designed for the European market. Amatic introduced its products to the online wagering industry in 2011 with a collection of Web-compatible iterations of their well-liked land-based slot and table games. Although the development of land-based and online games and software is the company’s primary objective, it is also a significant European manufacturer of game cabinets, multiplayer systems, and server-based video terminal games. With the introduction of their fully-integrated online gaming administration services, Amatic has earned the reputation of a comprehensive casino technology provider.

The Initial Years
Their first significant commercial triumph came from a line of video games bearing the label “Master.” The Master line, which debuted in 2003, comprised Mini Master, Midi Master, Max Master, and Wall Master. These were the most opulent and massive machines ever created by the company. They were developed immediately after the company introduced Roulette Grand Jeu, a game that would ultimately vie with slots for the title of most popular game offered by the company.

Achievements Beyond Slots
In actuality, the longevity of the company is largely attributable to Amatic’s early success in table games. Although several of their initial slot games failed to achieve significant popularity, the company’s designers managed to sustain operations by releasing state-of-the-art multilayer electronic roulette games.

Amatic experienced a significant surge in popularity during 2009, when the organization introduced its distinctive video slot terminals. These cabinets are contemporary and aesthetically pleasing in contrast to the rectangular design of games that was prevalent in European casinos at the time. In the wake of this triumph, Amatic introduced its first multi-game cabinet, which provides players with access to a variety of games via the same display.

Entering the Gaming Sector

Licensed operators were granted the option to utilize a server located within the site’s jurisdiction to operate Amatic slots and other games when the Multi Remote Gaming System was introduced by Amatic in 2011. In summary, Amatic provides a comprehensive solution that circumvents potential legal complications through the provision of its services exclusively in nations where such services are already authorized.

However, in some jurisdictions, Amatic games are also accessible for traditional play at online casinos. The organization is diligently striving to broaden its scope beyond its existing online markets, which are confined to continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

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